Prize Home lottery No. 276 Terms & Conditions

  1. Mater Prize Home Lottery No. 276 is authorised under the following licence and/or permit numbers:

(a) QLD: Licence No. 29792

(b) NSW: Permit No. GOCAU/1978

(c) VIC: Permit No. 10865/17

(d) ACT: Permit No R17/00199

(e) TAS: Permit No 81639

  1. Mater Foundation is permitted to sell up to 8,500,000 tickets in this lottery. Mater Prize Home Lottery No. 276 will close at 8pm EST on Tuesday 24 April 2018 and will be drawn at 11am EST on Friday 27 April 2018. Winners notified by registered mail and results published in The Australian on Wednesday 2 May 2018 and at on the day of the draw. Single ticket pricing $2 plus bundling. The benefitting organisation is Mater Foundation.


  • 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom property located at Apartment 1508 “Allegra” 139 Scarborough St Southport Qld 4215 (valued at $950,000);
  • Furniture and electrical (valued at $99,291);
  • Gold Bullion (valued at $550,000); and
  • Visa Gift Card (valued at $5,000) to assist in covering Council Rates and Body Corporate (approx. $5,537 per annum).

Transfer duty and legal fees payable for the transfer of the home to the winner will be paid for by Mater Foundation.


  1. You will be eligible for a book buyer prize if you purchase multiple tickets, or a book, in the same name/s and one of your tickets wins first prize. Where the winner has purchased multiple books they will be awarded the book buyer prize associated with the cumulative value of their purchases for that lottery.
  2. Purchasing more than 100 tickets will automatically make you eligible for the top book buyer bonus prize. 
  3. Book Buyer Bonus Prize details:
Prize Book buyer details
$10,000 Coles Myer shopping spree or $10,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $10,000.                                     $10 Book -   6 tickets.                   
$20,000 travel & accommodation voucher or $20,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $20,000. $15 Book - 10 tickets.
$25,000 home entertainment package or $25,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $25,000. $20 Book - 15 tickets.
The car of your choice to the value of $30,000 or $30,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $30,000. $25 Book - 20 tickets.
$35,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $35,000. $30 Book - 25 tickets.
$45,000 world cruise (in the form of travel & accommodation voucher) or $45,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $45,000. $40 Book - 35 tickets.
$50,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $50,000. $50 Book - 45 tickets.
The caravan of your choice to the value of $55,000 or $55,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $55,000. $70 Book - 65 tickets.
The car of your choice to the value of $60,000 or $60,000 gold bullion. Total Value: $60,000. $100 Book - 100 tickets.


  1. By signing up as a Mater Prize Home lottery VIP member, your tickets are automatically entered into exclusive VIP draws.
  2. VIP members receive automatic entry into exclusive VIP draws to win:
(f) $25,000 gold bullion;
(g) a VIP second chance draw to win $50,000 car or gold bullion;
(h) $5,000 holiday (drawn weekly);
(i) $100 Coles Myer Gift Vouchers.
  1. To be eligible for the VIP Prize Draws you must be an active Mater Prize Home VIP Member with tickets in the current Mater Prize Home lottery at the date of entry into the relevant VIP draw.
  2. Paid and processed ticket purchases made by an active Mater Prize Home lottery VIP Member are automatically entered into a VIP draw, including their additional tickets purchased on our website, over the phone, or through the mail.
  3. Due to additional processing time associated with extra ticket purchases at the prize home, these tickets are excluded from exclusive VIP draws.
  4. The winners of the weekly $5,000 holiday draws can choose a holiday destination of their choice. Prize holiday must be taken within 12 months of the draw date and booked within 1 month of draw date. All travel is to be booked through the travel agent selected by Mater Foundation and is subject to the travel providers’ further terms and conditions. 
  5. To be eligible for the Coles Myer Gift Voucher Birthday Draws, you must be an active Mater Prize Home lottery VIP Member with tickets in the current Mater Prize Home lottery and have a birth date recorded with Mater Foundation that falls in the month prior to the draw date.
  6. Draw dates:

1 x $50,000 gold bullion or car draw (valued at $50,000): drawn 11am on Monday 30 April 2018 EST  

1 x $25,000 gold bullion (valued at $25,000): drawn 11am on Thursday 29 March 2018 EST

Weekly holiday draws (valued at $5,000 each): 11am EST on the following dates*:

1.Friday 9 March 2018. Value: $5,000.*

2.Friday 9 March 2018. Value: $5,000.

3.Friday 16 March 2018. Value: $5,000.

4.Friday 23 March 2018. Value: $5,000.

5.Thursday 29 March 2018. Value: $5,000.

6.Friday 6 April 2018. Value: $5,000.

7.Friday 13 April 2018.  Value: $5,000.

8.Friday 20 April 2018. Value: $5,000.

9.Friday 27 April 2018. Value $5,000.

*Please note: Due to processing of monthly VIP payments, some of the VIP holiday draws cannot be drawn weekly, which will result in 2 draws occurring in the same week.

4 x $100 Coles Myer Vouchers: 11am EST on the following dates:

  1. 2 x Drawn Friday 9 March 2018. Value: $100 each
  2. 2 x Drawn Friday 6 April 2018. Value: $100 each


  1. The value of the Mater prize home quoted is based on an independent property valuation obtained by Mater Foundation within 3 months of the start of the marketing campaign for the lottery.  The first prize value includes the value of the land and structure, furniture, additions and any further items which form part of the first prize (for example, visa debit cards, gold, vehicles etc).
  2. The winner acknowledges that the property may be encumbered by easements; restrictive covenants or have ongoing development covenants that may affect the property or its ongoing use.  The winner agrees to accept the property subject to any such covenant or restriction and will sign any document required in order to give effect to any ongoing responsibilities or covenants.
  3. Where the prize is land in Australia, foreign (as defined by the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975) winners may require approval at the winner’s own cost from the Australian Treasurer to receive the prize on offer. Mater Foundation may assist in this process. If the application is not approved or not approved within a reasonable period of time, the winner forfeits the prize, and Mater Foundation will draw a new winner. Mater Foundation is not responsible for payment of any application fees, taxes or levies imposed as a consequence of acquisition of land by a foreign person.
  4. Winners agree to provide all necessary information and reasonable assistance to Mater Foundation and/or its legal representatives to enable the legal transfer of the prize home to the winner.
  5. Winners accept prize homes in their “as is where is” state as at the date that the winner takes possession of the property. 
  6. Mater Foundation will arrange and pay for costs associated with the transfer of title to the property into the winner’s name.  Mater Foundation will pay transfer duty, registration fees and legal costs to prepare transfer documentation.  Winners acknowledge that, while Mater Foundation will give possession of the property to the winner shortly after the draw, transfer of title to the property is in line with timeframes of the relevant state land titles offices.  The property is at the risk of the winner from the date that possession is provided, even if title has not been legally transferred. On taking possession of the property, all costs, taxes and levies imposed on the property from that point in time are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  7. Winners will be notified by mail and results will be published in the public notices section of The Australian in the week following the draw and at on the day of the draw.