Supporting A Charity Lottery

Every Mater Prize Home ticket purchased helps support the thousands of patients cared for at the Prince of Wales Hospital and Mater Brisbane receive the best possible care.

The Prince of Wales Hospital treats patients throughout New South Wales, providing specialized care and life-saving surgery.  The Prince of Wales Hospital is proud to house the largest epilepsy unit in New South Wales, plus an interventional cardiac unit and an acute spinal cord injury unit.

Mater Brisbane’s state of the art medical research teams are constantly striving for breakthroughs in the fields of cancer, diabetes and beyond.

Thanks to funding raised through the Mater Prize Home lottery, in the past year Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation has provided vital funding for patient care and research. Here are some funding highlights:

  • Research: finding a way to detect lung cancer through breath analysis.
  • Clinical programs support: music and arts therapy for aged care patients and genetic counselling for Hereditary Cancer patients and their families.
  • Education: providing funds for Prince of Wales Hospital staff to attend seminars and conferences to remain up to date on clinical knowledge.
  • Equipment: purchase of a portable heart bypass machine.
  • Capital works: refurbishment for the Intensive Care Unit and Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

Each year the Prince of Wales Hospital will provide care to:

  • 55,000 patients through emergency
  • 3,000 cancer patients
  • 60 patients who will receive kidney transplants
  • 45,000 patients who stay in hospital
  • On average, acute spinal patients will stay in hospital for 120 days

By purchasing tickets in the Mater Prize Home lottery, you can help save lives at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Money raised through the lottery helps to fund research, education, health promotion and exceptional care for patients. It is through the generosity of our lottery supporters we are able to provide the best possible care to so many, like Andrew—read his story here. Andrew has been a cardiac patient since 1991 and is eternally grateful for the ongoing support of the wonderful cardiac team at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Plus, you could also win a beautiful million dollar prize home, in return for your kindness and generosity.