Charity Fundraising Partners

The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation is the charitable arm of Prince of Wales Hospital and its Community Centres in Sydney.

Every year, Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation delivers a multitude of fundraising initiatives to fund research, education, health promotion and exceptional care for our patients.

The Prince of Wales Hospital site began with a donation in 1865. Over the last 150 years it has adapted to the needs of the community—during both World War I and World War II the facility became a military hospital. Prince of Wales Hospital now cares for patients throughout New South Wales and is committed to providing compassionate and professional health care for adults and adolescents.

The Mater Prize Home lottery has been a Queensland institution since 1954, and in 2009, The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation and Mater Foundation Brisbane formed a partnership to offer supporters in New South Wales the chance to win six, million-dollar homes each year through the Mater Prize Home lottery.

The partnership has since raised millions of dollars in vital funding for both Foundations and we continue to offer our supporters the chance to win exceptional quality homes in beautiful locations all across Australia.