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John’s story

“When you have family and so much to live for, your health is everything, and I am so grateful to the Prince of Wales Hospital for helping me stay as healthy as I am.” - John

Think of your feet. Now think of everywhere they’ve taken you today. While it’s easy to take them for granted, they’re a huge part of being independent and happy.

But for the 1.7 million Australian’s like John who have diabetes, limb and foot care can never be far from their minds. Circulation and nerve issues mean they’re much more likely to endure an amputation. It can start from something as simple as a rubbing shoe which leads to a foot infection that won’t heal.

After living with type 2 diabetes for 34 years, John now has suspected heart problems and reduced feeling in his legs and feet. He also has a chronic foot ulcer that without the proper ongoing care would put him at a much higher risk of losing his foot.  The good news is that 85% of amputations relating to diabetes can be prevented if problems are found early and managed well.

“When I started in this area I would see people daily who were limbless or facing the loss of a foot. It was heartbreaking knowing the impact on their life. Seeing people walk out of here after their limb-saving treatment is the best feeling in the world” says Jayne, Diabetes Podiatrist at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

John is glad to be able to regularly visit the Prince of Wales Hospital Diabetes Centre. A multidisciplinary team consisting of a dietician, nurse educator, optometrist, doctor and importantly podiatrist, who are all at hand under the one roof to help people like John live the healthiest lives possible.

John and his wife Carol are so grateful for the treatment John receives. It has meant they’ve been able to keep enjoying life knowing John is receiving exceptional patient care.

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