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Jack’s story

After a few days of cold and flu like symptoms Katie and Scott bought their 18-year-old son Jack to Emergency at Prince of Wales Hospital when his condition worsened. Little did they know that in less than 12 hours their son would be in Intensive Care fighting for life.

“The ICU doctor took Scott and I aside into the Quiet Room to inform us in bite-sized pieces of information - we’re supporting Jack’s blood pressure, his kidneys aren’t functioning, there is sluggishness around his liver, fluid around his short, Jack has multiple organ failure!”  
At that stage Katie was told they didn’t know the cause but their objective was to keep Jack alive. Cardiologist Dr Greg Cranney, said that Jack’s heart was so greatly affected that he was very lucky to survive. 
Jack ended up spending six days in ICU and a total of 10 in hospital before walking out, fortunately with no ill effects from his experience. Jack is now continuing his apprenticeship as a ship builder and his love of surfing and cricket.
His loving family credits the great skill and work of the doctors and nurses at Prince of Wales Hospital with his life. “Please know I thank the magnificent team at Prince of Wales Hospital every single day and I thank you and God for his life, said Katie.


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