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Louise’s brave journey

Working as a psychologist both in the army and for the NSW Police, 32 year old Louise has seen her fair share of hardships. Her career has taken her all over the world from war ravaged countries including Afghanistan and Iraq, to working with locals in Papua New Guinea and expeditioners in Antarctica.

By far the hardest chapter of her life was discovering she had cervical cancer. Just three months after marrying the man of her dreams, Louise went for a routine Pap Smear and was told the devastating news she would need to undertake a hysterectomy, lymphnodectomy followed by intensive chemotherapy and radiation.

Newlywed Louise and her husband were shattered by the news particularly because they had been trying for a baby.

“It was heartbreaking to feel I had let my husband down and to know that we would struggle to bring children into our family in any form”, she said.

Thankfully before the hysterectomy was scheduled, Louise was fortunate enough to proceed with an IVF round and now has five frozen embryos ready to use when the time is right.

Although there is still a long road ahead for Louise, the future looks bright and thanks to the amazing care she has received at the Prince of Wales Hospital, she is hopeful.

“I don't know how the staff at the Prince of Wales Hospital see people all day, every day go through similar journey’s to mine and still manage to provide kind, thoughtful and individualised care. I am truly grateful for the care I have received and cannot thank the staff enough” Louise said.   

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