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Robert’s heart-warming journey

At 73 years of age, Robert Frost has been through a lot. In the wake of suffering multiple heart attacks, Robert was then treated for several health complications –including having a defibrillator implanted. Without this it would cause the pumping function of his heart to stop and he would experience sudden cardiac arrest or death.

This caused many complications which were treated at other hospitals. Robert was finally referred to Prince of Wales Hospital’s Eastern Heart Clinic where he was able to upgrade to a much needed three-lead defibrillator.

After his surgery Robert was thrilled with his experience at Prince of Wales Hospital and was already breathing and feeling better. With a scheduled echocardiogram for the afternoon, he was discharged later that day.

Robert says his experience at Prince of Wales Hospital wasn’t too stressful as he felt he was in “very safe hands” – his excitement at feeling better was apparent.

Thanks to your support of the Prize Home lottery, Robert’s experience is one of many. Every patient at Prince of Wales Hospital and Mater Brisbane are treated with exceptional care – helping them get back home to their families.

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