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Sydney couple win $1.7 million home and lifestyle

When the winner of Prize Home lottery No. 255 answered the phone one Friday, she was never expecting the news she received.

Not only had she won a spectacular million dollar home on Bribie Island, Queensland—Bronwen’s $1.7 million first prize included a car, $250,000 gold bullion, a boat and more!

“I started really believing it when I received the confirmation email, and the scan of the ticket with my handwriting on it,” she said.

Though Bronwen remembered purchasing her ticket from a ticket seller who visited her home, she had never thought twice about the prize. She purchased her tickets to support her local hospital—being six months pregnant herself and booked in to give birth at Prince of Wales Hospital near her Sydney home.
 “I agreed to buy a ticket as it was a good cause. I didn’t really take in the details of the prize—I just put the ticket away and forgot about it.”

Just over a week later, Bronwen and her husband Stuart flew up from Sydney and were at Bribie Island receiving the keys for their new home, car, boat and golf buggy.
“Wow, everything is so beautifully done,” Bronwen said as they were exploring their new home, “The ensuite is bigger than our kitchen—no fighting over the basin here!” 

Though the Sydney couple are yet to decide what they will do with all of their prizes, they will be using the gold for their mortgage. 

“We will definitely have to have our family here. There’s space for everyone—we can all just hang out here in the pool and outdoor areas,” she said. 

When asked what their favourite prize was they answered “The whole thing—it’s like it has just fallen from the sky!” 

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