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Comfortable, dignified and immediately taken care of

It was an average day for Carol as she stepped out her front door. Little did she know she would have the unfortunate luck of tripping over whilst crossing the road.  

As she fell, she cracked her chin on the footpath, but managed to get back up thanks to the help of a passer-by. Luckily there was a doctor’s surgery nearby, where they informed her she would need to go to the Prince of Wales Hospital to have an X-Ray taken. It was then discovered Carol had three fractures in her jaw and she needed emergency surgery to repair the damage.

Carol and her friend were amazed at how comforting the Prince of Wales hospital Emergency Department staff were, and commented that she felt comfortable, dignified, and immediately taken care of.

Thank you all for a quick and caring response to the trauma of my accident. I am so very grateful that you took care of me. May you be blessed to continue with such dedicated staff and caring policies. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL.”

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