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Daniel’s story

“When I arrived at the Prince of Wales Hospital I had an entire team of experts waiting for me. The Emergency Department saved my life.”

Daniel had been riding his motor bike home when a tree fell on him.

He was a CODE BLUE case, meaning a medical emergency and for Daniel it certainly was just that. Daniel arrived at the Prince of Wales Hospital with multiple fractures to his neck, spine, sternum, ribs, upper arm and face. He also had internal bleeding in his lungs.

“Had our Emergency Department not acted quickly, there is no telling what the future would be for Daniel. It was a moment that mattered.” Nurse Manager Elizabeth said

Being a nurse on the front line of the Emergency Department at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Elizabeth knows all too well that the focus is on instant attention and care and is acutely aware that in these situations every moment that passes matters and can make a major difference in a patient’s recovery.

A multidisciplinary team reviewed Daniel’s case, acting immediately and It was this moment, when all the necessary assessments were made, which led to Daniel’s fast recovery.

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