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Summer must-haves

Australia, the sunburnt country, is seeing some of its hottest heatwaves rolling over the nation this summer. It can be hard keeping cool but to help you make the most of the summertime and enjoy the sunshine, here are some hot tips to give you some heat reprieve.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

A day at the pool or beach is not complete without some summertime tunes. A great pick is the UE Roll 2 Bluetooth portable speaker is lightweight and durable, waterproof and fully submergible to 1 metre, has surround sound and floatable for optimal audio experience, 9 hour chargeable battery life and a Bluetooth range up to around 30m—this speaker is still affordable at around $100.00 at most electronic stores.

Mist me

If you’ve ever visited an Australian theme park in the peak of summer, you’ve probably experienced the delightful feeling of water misters whilst waiting in the queue for your next ride. You can now have the same enjoyment at home! Whether you choose a misting system that creates a curtain of cool air around your entertaining area or pick up a misting fan. With your options starting at around $30 from any local hardware store, this is a great way to keep cool at home this summer.

Hammock heaven

The novelty of swinging in a hammock never seems to wear off and what better way to spend a lazy summer’s afternoon than with a good back relaxing in your very own hammock. If you’ve got the garden and the hardy trees to hang it from, pick up a hanging kit and you’ll be fitted out in no time. Alternatively buy a portable hammock stand and get swinging.

Give me sunshine and shade

Gone are the days where your arms tire because you’ve been holding your kindle or iPad over your head whilst trying to read and soak up the sun at once. Or those annoying times you’ve had to throw a shirt or towel over your face to keep the hot sun at bay. ShadyFace have created the ShadyFace Sunshade—a lightweight, flat folding, portable canvas sunshade. This unique concept is designed to keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay whilst still enjoying the sunshine and keeping you entertained you in your own personal outdoor theatre, complete with Bluetooth speakers and surround sound. If you want to lay on your back to read your kindle or watch your latest download, your tech device is secured in the ShadyFace canopy; or simply use the sunshade to keep the suns harsh rays off your face. This is a summer must-have we’ve been waiting a long time for!


It goes without saying you need a good pair of sunnies to protect your eyes in the summertime. What’s trending? Aviators are still cool—if you can pull off these stylish shades then you’ll be looking hot all summer. Round glasses are making a comeback; this vintage look is back in fashion. And the retro Ray Ban’s are still a must-have item; make sure you pick yourself up some Wayfarer shades this summer. On a side note, it seems oversized glasses here are to stay; covering half of your face is still fashionably acceptable!

Paddle boards

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP is a fantastic summertime activity that is not only fun but keeps you fit. Whether you take your board out into calm waters or you’re keen to hit some waves, SUP is a great way to spend your summer days.

For around $25 an hour, you’ll find plenty of rental opportunities along the coastlines. To increase your confidence, you can also book yourself in for lessons. If it becomes a passion; there is a huge variety of boards on sale—from $250 to $4,000 depending on your needs.

Portable BBQ

Pick yourself a portable coal BBQ and grill your lunch or dinner no matter where you end up on a summer’s day. There are plenty of lightweight portable barbecues on the market that use coal or heatbeads instead of gas/power. With little mess and no fuss, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner!

Robotic lawnmower

Who wants to be stuck outside mowing their lawns in the Australian summertime heat? You’ve heard of robotic vacuums—you can also get robotic lawnmowers! Robotic lawnmowers can be programmed to run when it suits you within boundaries you set, can navigate difficult terrain such as slopes and holes, and can work in rain or shine. Priced between $1,000 and upwards of $5,000, after your initial outlay you’ll get to sit back and watch as technology does your chores for you; giving you the chance to put your time to better use.

Whatever you do this summer, keep cool and have fun! It’ll be winter before you know and you’ll be wondering how summertime passed us by so quickly.

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