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Detecting lung cancer

For years researchers have been investigating ways to detect lung cancer from a person's breath. 

With funding raised through the Prize Home lottery, Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation has been able to provide an Electric Nose to Professor Paul Thomas and his team from the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Prince of Wales Hospital. They will perform a clinical trial in the hopes that this non-intrusive method can be used to detect lung cancer. 

“An Electronic Nose is a machine which aims to mimic the olfactory system - or the sense of smell,” said Prof Paul Thomas.  “With it, we can detect Volatile Organic Compounds, which are the chemicals we know are produced in lung cancer tumours, by analysing exhaled breath samples of volunteers in our clinical trial.”

It only takes about 20-30 minutes and involves quiet, normal breathing through a tube which has a collection system to cool the expired breath.

You support of the Prize Home lottery helps to fund vital medical research, like this, at Prince of Wales Hospital and Mater Brisbane. We cannot thank you enough for your support. 

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