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“It is a miracle he is alive”

David Rosemergy, also known by his stage name The Great Cardini, immigrated to Sydney from New Zealand at just 20 years old. He came with an amazing act and great skills in card magic which led him all over Australia performing in restaurants, theatres, shopping centres and on television.

Two years ago, at 78, David suffered a severe heart attack whilst on his way to the medical centre to get checked for some heart pain he had been having. David collapsed and was left unconscious for 20 minutes before arriving at Prince of Wales Hospital where Cardiologist, Dr Gregory Cranney was able to perform interventional surgery for a blockage to his main artery. “It is a miracle he is alive,” says Dr Cranney.

A few years on and although living with permanent damage from his heart attack, David is back doing what he loves. He now entertains café goers every Saturday morning with his beloved and pretty spectacular magic tricks. David credits Dr Cranney and the team at Prince of Wales Hospital for saving his life.

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